Bigger Plans, Better Plans

And here’s another month-ender post…

I have been missing on my blog. I know it’s not really for long, but yeah, I also missed those days when I was always here ranting and sharing the world about my daily life.

So there. What happened to my September? As I recall, I planned to try that Unlimited Pasta from The Old Spaghetti House. I also planned to read at least six books and yeah, visit The Nook Cafe. These were just simple, achievable things, yet, I wasn’t able to fulfill even half of them. Am I a bad planner? Remembering all the things I have planned for myself, and the bucket list I did, the items don’t have a checkmark yet. However, there’s one thing I sincerely believe.


Yes. And this is not just an excuse so I could justify the fact that I wasn’t able to fulfill my September plans. Because Septembet has been more than good to me. Here’s how it looked like, at least.


Now here’s the not-so-detailed details. πŸ™‚
1) I was able to go to The Nook Cafe with my high school bff and beta-reader. Finally, I got the idea of how butter beer tastes like! (Yep, I thought I was in the Three Broomsticks. Harry Potter fans could totally relate.)

2) #JustWritePH – For Love Team (which includes me) took over in the Facebook party which was a superb experience.

3) The support group I am in, Myasthenia Gravis Support Group of the Philippines, Inc. just was interviewed for State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. This is good for the awareness of the rare condition we have. Also, we were able to draft and complete the by-laws, and as I write this, I am about to get ready and submit the documents to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
4) I went to see Heneral Luna in big screen!

5) I was interviewed in Ms. Stella Torres’ blog, and there was also an review for I Still… Click the links below and find out how they went. πŸ™‚
Blog Interview
I Still… Review

6) I went to the Manila International Book Fair and donates books. I also bonded with some of my fellow authors, and yeah, it was an absolute fun!

7) I almost landed a job. I didn’t like the specifics so I turned it down. Then I went to meet my childhood bff. We had a blast.

See. More than what I could ask for. I feel so blessed. What about you? How did September go?

Beth G.


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