Another Weekend To Remember

Sunday has always been the family day for me, but yesterday it became somewhat different. I went out and met with some friends, and yeah, did some author duties.

After I attended the Sunday mass with my family, I went to meet one of my friends who pledged some books for the #ABookForAnEbook Project. With that, I ended up with twenty books to donate. I was wondering if I could ever survive with those books clinging on my back all the way to the Mall of Asia, and thank God, I did. My friend and I did a quick catch up over breakfast since I had other plans after. In the end, I was only able to take a picture of my food.


Then I flew to the cinema to meet with one of my co-authors to watch Heneral Luna. I have fully expressed my desire to see the movie in my tweets, and so was Pau, so we decided to see the movie together. At first, it was to satisfy my curiosity (at least for me). I was insanely wondering what Artikulo Uno is and what’s with ensaymada. Add the fact that Heneral Luna himself said that he wanted me to see the movie too!

And so I finally did, and there’s so many things I could say about the movie. I felt cheated, the way I was taught in my History classes back in school. I felt ashamed, on how History really turned out. I felt challenged, for it made me believe every Filipino should do something, even in a little way, and so these heroes won’t end up in vain as they fought for freedom. The movie was beyond great, and it’s more that just a story of Gen. Antonio Luna itself, but a story of every Filipino people. Hmmm… I think this deserves a separate post.

Then lastly, Pau and I went to MIBF 2015 (Manila International Book Fair) God bless her heart, she helped me with the books I brought with me. And there, in the Buqo booth, we met with our other fellow authors.


That feeling when you finally met that person whom you've been exchanging emails with. (with Mr. John de Quiros)

The day ended up after we fed ourselves with Mang Inasal’s unli rice, fought against the crowd for a decent bus seat (which we failed though not entirely) amidst a light drizzle. When I got home, I could only ask for a cup of coffee and my warm bed.

I thank the Lord endlessly for all His graces. The blessing of friendships and of dreams come true. For the time that I spent with them and the strength He allowed me to have. Oh and yeah, for the opportunity to extend a hand through books. 😀

Beth G.


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