Two Interviews

Despite the huge reminder in my planner that I need to blog more often, my little corner here in cyberspace remained unattended the past few days. Those days were insane, that right now, as I find the time to tell you all about them, I can’t help but look back and compare my pre-MG life and now. What I realized is that, I love my life right now and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it so far.

So there’s gonna be another event this coming weekend, but I choose to tell you all about that in a different blog post. Allow me to justify this post’s title. Because today, I did interviews. Not just one, but two. It overwhelms me, because I used to imagine myself infront of a seemingly important personality, firing questions which answers would benefit the public. I am not saying that I am an important person – don’t get me wrong! What I am saying is that, well, it feels so overwhelming to know that my thoughts as well as my future plans are worth telling the world.

The first interview is for the blog tour featuring the #JustWritePH authors and our works. I am not really sure if I should be glad that I didn’t sign up my blog for it, because number one, I don’t have any idea on how it works (yeah, no need to give the impression that I know everything), and number two, my blog’s been practically neglected. So, I received the questions via email and answered them, and I felt like I was dragged back to my old high school days when answering slumbooks were as famous as the #AlDub tandem (not another word because I AM A FAN!). Needless to say, I enjoyed it. Stella Torres of will be featuring my answers.

The second interview, I think, is just as crucial. The Myasthenia Gravis Support Group of the Philippines, Inc. where I am one of the officers, has been asked to be featured in one of the segments of the evening TV program, State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. This is huge leap for the support group – awareness about our condition is something that we’ve been aiming for. I was asked about my MG journey, my painful misdiagnoses, and the things I did to conquer my worries and fears in having this crippling condition. And I am just so glad that I was given another platform to tell everyone that life always worth living and even celebrating, and God is always good, amidst all the challenges, even the hardest ones.



I haven’t got the information on when I will be featured on Stella’s blog and the airing of State of the Nation with Jessica Soho where MG patients will be featured is still to be announced. But once I’ve got all the information, I am gonna post it here to let you all in.

Till then.

Beth G.


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