I’ll See You In September

Hard to believe that 2015 only has four months left when I can still clearly remember the way I welcomed it. Anyway, it’s September, and still, it’s four months, so there are a lot of things that can happen, that we can make happen.

This is what my September dream board looks like.

I want to be positive that the things in my dream board are achievable in a month. It really doesn’t matter if it’s in The Old Spaghetti House, or The Nook Cafe, but I would really like to try out food from different places. It was in writing my latest release that I realized I need more experience when it comes to food, because I seem to be fond of making characters who love to eat out in restaurants offering different types of cuisines.

As for the books, well, I am praying that God would somehow give me the grace to read them. I’m not sure where my enthusiasm for reading in the middle of the night went, but it’s gone. The past weeks, I’ve been feeling like I already wanted to sleep before ten p.m., and I refuse to believe that it’s a sign of aging. Yes. I am still in denial when it comes to that! Hahaha

How about you? How do you plan to spend your September?

Beth G.


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