Achievements and Milestones

August says goodbye with a haste, but I do not feel sad about its departure. It gave me a lot of things to remember – well not exactly a lot, but things huge enough to be thankful for, and I know I would never forget them in this lifetime, or even in some other lifetimes for that matter.

Let me start off by successfully finishing (isn’t this ironic?) the #JustWritePH Fiction Writing Workshop. It started in July, and the Saturdays I’ve spent with various authors, both established and amateur, and other pros in the world of writing and literature were all superb and I am somewhat questioning why such wonderful things should come to an end. Well, maybe everything has to move on. Anyway, finishing the workshop successfully meant another book written and give the world access to it. The story I’ve written, I Still… (just how many times should I mention this book on my blog, I don’t know), which was a sort of requirement for the workshop, has been released digitally, together with nineteen other stories from the authors who attended the workshop as well. We did the launch on the 22nd, and if you are interested in getting a copy of my book, please click here.

So this is my August collage of events.

One other interesting that happened is that I was able to meet with my fellow snowflakes again. The Myasthenia Gravis Philippines Support Group held another general meeting, not only to have a sort of meet-and-greet, but also to talk about plans of getting established officially. Most of us are still trying to cope with our condition the hard way, and I am just as thankful as everyone that there are people who wanted to help us emerged and gave us some light and hope. We’ve met with some of them, and they explained to us the steps to do in order to create awareness of myasthenia gravis to the public. Truly, having a rare chronic condition is such a big time struggle.

A surprise came to me that day as well, because when we were given the chance to share our experiences andΒ  the battles that we’ve fought, someone asked me to talk about God’s love in a spiritual seminar. It’s been years since the last time I spoke infront of the crowd, and I feel like I already have stage fright – but on the other hand, talking about God’s love and greatness is an opportunity I’ve always been looking for. Now here it is, flaunting itself on my face, and all I have to do is say, “Yes, I will,” just like Mary said AMEN when she was asked to conceive the Savior. And I did.

Here’s what God’s love for me is. Two years ago today, I was between life and death. I was intubated due to respiratory failure brought about by myasthenia gravis. I was so scared I thought I was going to die, but then God most probably decided not to call me home yet. Maybe that time, He really planned for me to live to tell the tale. I know He saw launching a book and He saw me writing this entry two years later. God has an unusual sense of humor, I’d say, one that you won’t be able to laugh upon if you don’t do total faith and abandonment.

I hope September’s going to be fine, more blessed even. As this BER month comes, I can already smell that familiar air of joy, and the kind of breeze that when it brushed through my cheeks, I’d just find myself smile and whisper, “Ooh, it’s Christmas.”

Beth G.


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