#JustWritePH Book Bundles Now Available on Buqo

#JustWritePH Authors!

So there, after Saturdays of classroom sessions learning how to write a compelling story, editing the manuscript, publishing and marketing (not to mention the big shot speakers like Ines Bautista Yao and Mina Esguerra), finally, we are all published authors. Some of us have already published books in the past, and it was such a wonderful experience for me to meet my fellow authors. What’s more, I realized that, yeah, it’s okay to tell people that I am an author. Well it’s because I’ve always felt so ashamed of admitting that I write, especially to those who have known me well enough – and please don’t ask me why because I don’t understand it myself.

As I’ve mentioned previously, the books are bundled by theme: For Love, For Justice, For Redemption, For The Feels and For the Win. The books are bundled strategically so that the readers can download the specific bundle of their favorite genre. So of course, since I am writing the most common genre of all, romance, my book is in the For Love bundle.

I'll be forever thankful to those who made this possible, especially to Mr. Anton Chua and Ms. Liana Smith Bautista. You guys rock!

How to Download

Now that the stories we’ve bled to write have been made available for the world to see, I guess it’s time for a little promotion. If you are that person who eats books (just like me!), then this is a splendid opportunity for you to experience books of assorted themes and genres at a very low price for a limited time only. So if you want to take advantage of this, here’s how.

1) Download the Buqo app on your Android phone, iOS, etc., then log on using your Facebook credentials.

2) Click on Books, then go to New Releases.


3) Then select the bundles that you’d like to purchase.


All bundles are just for Php45 each or $0.99 which you can pay through credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or if you are from the Philippines, you can pay using your Smart Prepaid load.

Enjoy reading!

Till then.

Beth G.


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