The Launching of My Second Book Is Finally Happening

Yes! You’ve read it right. After all those times I’ve been so silent here, I was actually bleeding in my keyboard to finish another story. I already talked about it in my previous posts, but once again, I am talking about it simply because I still cannot believe that this is actually happening.


There are twenty of us who successfully finished the Just Write workshop, and so there will also be twenty stories to be launched. These books are bundled by genres which you could download at best prices from Buqo app. My story, I Still… is under the romance category, bundled with All For Love. I am posting the links on where to download these bundles soon so please stay tuned. 🙂

We were asked to pick an excerpt from our book to read during the launch, and I don't have anything to read yet because I was too busy doing this.
Bookmarks and stickers to be given away to those who would cone to the launch. I don't think I still know how to use scissors, but in the end, the pinking shears did the trick. It salvaged the edges.

So if you happen to be from around Metro Manila and you think you can drop by SM Megamall this Saturday (yes, tomorrow), then please come and see the twenty authors (that includes me) and their works. There are various genres of books from romance, to crime novels, fantasies and historical fiction. So if you are a bookworm and you love to explore on different kinds of reads then you should definitely come.

See you there!

Beth G.


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