Book 39: Never Just Friends, Mina V. Esguerra

Hooray! Finally, after weeks of bleeding on my keyboard writing yet another love story, and after my phone crapped out on me just when I needed it the most, well, I’ve found the time to curl up with another good book. I was actually eyeing for The Harder We Fall, but I’d like to believe that this is the book that’s meant to be the first in my possession among the many books by Mina V. Esguerra. Never Just Friends is one of those new adult romances that would make you remember that one friend of the opposite sex with whom your thoughts always end whenever everything falls down and wonder why you didn’t end up with that person in the romantic sense.

A bit of a background. Lindsay and Jake have always loved each other as friends. Though he’s always been her “apocalypse buddy” and constant holiday dinner companion, Jake’s always been too much for Lindsay – too handsome, too many questionable hookups, and so she made sure they don’t go beyond the friendship level. They kept their low maintenance friendship until they finished college and moved to different cities and lead their own lives. But then Jake, now known as Jacob Berkeley, the star of a wildly successful TV series suddenly appears and announces that he wants to pick up what he’s left in college, and that includes Lindsay.

"I'm a greedy man and I want it all now - I want you, your lips, your body, your future. If you're willing to give it."

Never Just Friends. I can no longer call which book I was reviewing when I mentioned that two people of the opposite sex are never just friends. There’s always one of them who falls in love with the other or maybe both of them. There’s too much self-denial involved, and no matter how their story ends, there’s always a particular what if hanging in the air. It felt so obvious that Lindsay was just scared. She restrained herself from falling in love with Jake for so many valid reasons. Jake, on the other hand felt like Lindsay might be too good for him, and entering a relationship with Lindsay meant a whole new level.

A tendency for rebound. Lindsay’s reluctance in believing Jake’s sudden declaration of love is quite understandable. For over the years, they were able to keep their friendship the way it is, so why the sudden change of heart? Jake’s intention looked like he was just tired of being alone, and he suddenly felt the need for someone who’s going to be there no matter what, at the same time familiar so there’s no need for further adjustments. On Jake’s part, it must be hard to prove, but in the end, a simple, even unnoticeable gesture said it all.

In conclusion. Never Just Friends is that book that would make you believe that two people of the opposite sex who always claim to be only friends are NEVER just friends. At some point, they may have fallen in love. So to all of those who can relate, grab your copy now and rethink your feelings to that one boy or girl you are so constantly with. 😀


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