The Last Day of July… Already?

I was gone for like a couple of weeks in blogging universe, and now I am about to write another month-ender post. Time really flies by when you’re having fun, as what I always say.

July has been good, it could have been way better than June. But of course, blessings came in different sizes and packages, and so I just can’t take to compare. Anyway, healthwise, I’ve been feeling so good and I couldn’t thank God more for it. It’s allowing to me to do a lot of things that I dreamed of doing.

I finished reading three books this month, which I think is still good compared to none at all. The progress in my reading challenge has been bleak, and I believe I have a forgivable reason for that.

I’ve mentioned in one of my posts that I signed up for a writing workshop called Just Write!, and it turned out to be both enjoyable and informative. I’ve met new and nice people, who also share the same passion as mine – writing. Now we’re half lway done on our mission. It’s to write and finish a story, have it beta read, improved and then make a final draft for printing! Yes, printing. It’s just an electronic print, but still. There’s an overwhelming pride for an aspiring writer to be printed somewhere. This is going to be my second published work by any chance, and it’s in English (and so I could say I really bled for it, hahaha) and I am just soooo excited.

This is the preview of the cover and the one-line message of what the book is all about.

It’s a romance fiction, so please watch out for it. 😀


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