Book 38: The Fill-In Boyfriend, Kasie West

After P.S. I Still Love You, I found this Kindle recommendation and I should say that I enjoyed this more than the previous book. No offense for the P.S. I Still Love You fans but yeah, The Fill-In Boyfriend appealed to me more.

A Bit of A Background. Gia needed to introduce Bradley to her friends at the prom, or else they would start believing that she’s just making up the fact that her boyfriend his from UCLA. But Bradley broke up with her on prom night, so she needed a quick replacement. Just two hours or so would do. Luckily, there was a boy lurking around the parking lot, and Gia convinced him to be Bradley. Shortly after the prom, the boy needed the same favor, and so Gia willingly went out on a date with him. And the romance starts…

Okayy, I am starting to love YA romance books. The main characters’ first meet up is actually unique for me, and it makes me want to be left in the parking lot just to see if someone would go ask me if everything’s okay – well, that’s not how it happened in the book but that’s what I want to happen to me anyway! Hahaha. Seriously though, there are a lot of things to think about that were tackled in this book, aside from how to handle your feelings towards a guy who doesn’t show any sign of liking you back. Gia, being the school’s student council president is popular, along with her friends who were not the cheerleader-type of girls, but way too popular as well. There’s Jules, one of the girls from Gia’s circle of friends who seemed to make destroying Gia’s reputation with their other friends her life’s greatest mission. She was the main reason why Gia needed the Fill-In Bradley, and she continously looked for all the gaping holes in Gia’s boyfriend story to make it less plausible.


Web of lies. In real life, once you start lying, it is sometimes hard to stop. You would have to make up stories to support your previous lies until you no longer know what really is going on. That’s what happened with Gia. Even if she wanted to tell her friends the truth in the end, she just makes an excuse to keep the lies longer, most probably because she’s afraid 1) of what her friends might say about her 2) that her friendship with them is over 3) they might not be able to understand why she did the lying in the first place. But like all teenagers out there, it’s better to make up stories, preferrably good ones instead of telling your friends the ugly truth. After all, teenage years are all about building your confidence so why taint it with something that would definitely crush that confidence you tried so hard to build up.

Other realizations. I appreciated the fact that while Gia did all the lying, ahe was also weighing herself – she knew that she’s not doing something good. It eventually made her think about her life as a teenager, that before she graduates from high school, what are the things that she did that really mattered. Because, yeah, she was popular and she’s the studeny council president, but is that all there is in her high school life? It was also good that she was able to stand up to her friends in the end, and she realized there’s nothing that she should really be afraid of.

Likes: 💗💗💗💗

Recommendation: The Fill-In Boyfriend is such a good read for everyone – not only teenagers The romantic side is just right, and the characters are not too perfect, which is superb.


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