Book 36: P.S. I Still Love You, Jenny Han

Nothing’s really better than the euphoric feeling brought about by curling up with a good book while nursing a cup of coffee as the rain pours outside. Though feel like a slacker for having just finished my thirty-sixth book, I still feel great. šŸ™‚

P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel of To All The Boys I Loved Before, about Lara Jean and her love letters that got sent to the boys with whom she used to go crazy about. I read it sometime last year, but I didn’t need to read the first book again. This second book is about things being real between Lara Jean and Peter, when they were just pretending in the first book.

A bit of a background. Lara Jean and Peter decide to be together, this time for real. Entering a boyfriend-goelfriend relationship is all new to Lara Jean, since Peter is her first boyfriend. It should be pure, unadulterated bliss, as far as relationships go. But at the onset of their being together, a scandalous video of Lara Jean and Peter was uploaded in the social media and being passed around the school. Lara Jean is upset, and as she tries to ignore her woman insticts about Peter’s actions with his ex-girlfriend Genevieve, she unexpectedly receives a letter from onw of the boys she wrote a love letter – John Ambrose McLaren. These two pretty boys will not leave Lara Jean sane, will they?


The things I liked the most. There are a several things I appreciate a lot about this book. I am not sure if it’s the Asian thing or what, but I absolutely admire the values of Lara Jean’s family. All of them seemed to be so impossibly close. I believe all the dads – and even moms – out there should tear a page from Lara Jean’s dad’s book. I liked the fact that any of the girls in the Covey family can talk about anything with their dad, and the support system that they jave for each other is just superb. Margot, the big sister got heartbroken, and the her two younger siblings are there to cheer her up. Lara Jean has to clear things up with Peter, her other two siblings were there to support her. Kitty, the youngest wants to have a slumber party, Lara Jean makes sure that everything is set up. They even bothered to look for their dad someone to date!

I also liked the parts of the book where it reiterates the things to consider when it comes to sex. A lot of teenagers nowadays are in a rush of doing things, without even thinking of the consequences of their decisions and actions. Though Lara Jean is obviously head over heels with Peter, she carefully weighs things and tells directly to Peter that she’s not ready to do anything like that, and they should take things slow. Two-thumbs up for that.

The domesticated side of Lara Jean is unquestionably adorable. How many sixteen years olds do we know who bakes cakes and cookies for her ten-year-old little sister just because she feels like it? Or cleaning the fridge so that her dad could have a better go at it? I, myself couldn’t have done that when I was sixteen (considering the fact that I don’t have a little sister). I also liked the DIY thingy that the Song sisters have – the way they make a big deal about valentines and birthdays. I am actually thinking of replenishing the supplies for my DIY kit! And of course, the letters. We may already be in the era of electronic messages and stuff, but there’s still something to be said about tangible letters that could kept for eternity to look at.

In conclusion. I obviously enjoyed P.S. I Still Love You. It’s perfect for a rainy afternoon curl up.

Likes. 💗💗💗💗

Recoommendation. I strongly recommend P.S. I Still Love You to all the teenagers. There are tons of values they can get from this book.


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