Just Write: A Fiction-Writing Workshop

I’ve heard about this workshop some time in June, and of course, I couldn’t help but get excited. I’ve been writing practically all my life, but I’ve never been involved in any sort of formal education on how to write (except for English and Journalism subjects back in high school). I guess it isn’t that necessary to spend time learning how to write, when you can use it finishing your manuscript instead. I was able to publish a novel without any idea how I finished it in the first place. However, attending Just Write workshop made me realize a lot of things about my writing.

Courtesy of Kim. I wasn't in the mood for documentation.

You see, you write just because it is something that you’re so passionate about. That used to be my reason for writing, and I guess it is still a valid one at that. But you also write because you want to convey a message.

Theme and message. There were a lot of exercises that the speaker, Ms. Ria Lu asked us to do, which made me feel so dumb. I mean, I used to be able to think of a plot in just a snap, but that moment, nothing came through my usually creative and imaginative brain. Was it pressure? Maybe.

Since love is my favorite theme to write, I went with it. I wasn’t planning on leaving my comfort-zone just yet, since just started to establish myself. Thankfully, ideas came rushing in and I was able to write something about love, and the message I want to convey about love.

And I sincerely believe this.

I think the hardest part for me was to write a one sentence summary of the story. My mind wasn’t so organized and most of the ideas coming in was either too cliché or too moot. Well, woth romance, I think everything is cliché.

The theme, genre, message, plot and summary are all important. All participants are required to produce a draft of at least 5,000-word story by the 24th. The orgianizers say that it wasn’t really a requirement, but there’d be no point of attending the next classroom session without that draft.

Now the challenge comes in. I could no longer use writer’s block as an excuse, because they said there’s no such thing. It’s all about discipline. I’m not sure I believe them, though.

I just received the email of the next topic. I have to read it through so I could start writing a story.

Till then.


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