Not-So-Happy Feet

People are usually excited about the weekend because, of course, apart from the fact that they finally have the freedom after an entire week of enslavement from work, it’s also the time for them to go out and enjoy themselves. But yesterday wasn’t as ideal as it could be, as far as a go-out day. It was raining hard.

Meanwhile, a friend and I went to this writing workshop called Just Write (I would like to give my workshop experience justice by telling about it on another post). We just commuted, and so by the time we reached our destination, we were both soaking wet. I wore my pink balet flats – one of the most comfortable footwear that I have, and since it got soaked and my feet felt icky, I was obliged to buy slippers on a whim.


The slippers were cute, not to metion inexpensive. The things is, I never realized how this buy failed until I got them to my feet. Why a fail, you may ask. The upper surface was shiningly smooth that it kept on slipping from my feet when I walk. The ornaments gave me blisters that my feet were crying as I walked. When I got home, my legs were sore and my feet were screaming painfully. 😦

After the workshop I agreed to meet my college friends. It’s been so long since the last time we saw each other, and so it was exciting. We didn’t get pictures though, but the conversations we had brought me back to the past with a brand new perspective. We talked about our former classmates and our present jobs and all. Them one of them gave me a pair of shoes.


These never have been my type of shoes. For some reason I have issues with pointed toes. This looked so powerfully feminine, but I willingly put them on like I was Cinderella. Lo and behold! They fit! Who am I to say no? After all, it was $34.

I got home, not knowing if I would smile, being thankful for everything good that happened, or sulk, because my feet were aching. But I guess, the good wins.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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