For the Love of Sweets

It’s Friday, and while most people are in the office doing weekender last minute stuff, else, acting like bench warmers waiting for the weekend to finally start, I went out for some errands and picked up my prescriptions. Then I thought I could use a new bag.

But my perpetual search for the bag went in vain. I was looking for that particular bag which I would totally fall in love with, and that definitely shouts, hey, Beth owns me! I am hers! The stocks, especially the ones on sale didn’t agree with my eccentricity. Surprisingly, it didn’t break my heart as it would have some time ago. Maybe I am finally starting to mature.

I wandered more, when my friend Kim and I decided to meet. It was an unplanned meet-up – it just so happened that she was in the area as well, accomplishing some job requirements. Then we went to Cravings for unlimited cakes and coffee.

Picture was taken by her.

You see, it has been our plan, together with Kim’s boyfriend to raid the cake racks of Cravings, and be drunk of their brewed coffee, but we never got it done. I guess there really is something to be said about unplanned escapades,  on why it’s more doable and more likely to push through.

While we were seated at the table, the cute waiter (JC’s his name and too bad I didn’t get to selfie with him) asked us what we were having. We decided to try on all the cake flavors, and while Kim had iced coffee, of course, mine was brewed, and hot. We both went first for the double chocolate which was superb, especially for chocolate suckers like me.

Again, Kim took this photo. Her cam was better so I grabbed all her caprtures.

Then, she got this carrot cake while I decided to have chocolate caramel. I love caramel, too.

The carrot cake she never managed to finish.

Then we had the Devil’s Cake. It’s also chocolate, but the icing was meringue.


We talked about a lot of stuff while we ate – as if there’s something better to do over cups of coffee (maybe except for writing or reading which is weird if you do that while in an actual restaurant, not a cafeteria). We talked about books, the novels we wrote and published, our freelance jobs and our plans of writing a collaboration of books. We also talked about a lot of girl stuff that can no longer be put in an online journal for privacy purposes. And as we were in deep talking, sadly for the Devil’s Cake, we didn’t finish it. Soon we were joined by Kim’s sister, Kenndy.


Then we went home soon afterwards. I thought I won’t be able to eat dinner, since I’ve devoured servings of dessert good for two and a half people, but hunger beat me.

Tonight, I have to go to bed early. Tomorrow’s a big and excitong day for me, ’cause I’m attending a writing workshop with Kim. Then meet my college friends after.

Good night, and have a great weekend!


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