How June Had Been

It feels like yesterday when I was summarizing May, counting all the good things and the blessings I’ve been given. Now here I am, summing up yet another good month, or maybe better.

So how was June? It wasn’t bleak, that’s for sure. There were weekends when I felt busier than I have been in the past months which is quite remarkable. A lot of time for friends and catching up, which I haven’t done in quite a long time, and these adult get togethers didn’t necessarily mean drunken feast. Cups of coffee totally did fine, even better – while one of my girlfriends poured her heart out and spilled tears over a super non-sensical guy. I even cooked for them, which turned out superb, all while one of my guy friends started and succeeded fixing my banged up computer.

Yeah, this is what happy looks like.
And yeah, we left this list on that empty table.

Aside from all these catching ups, I also finished another manuscript (hooray!), which, when I checked with my publisher is still with the editors. I pray to heaven that it would be approved soon, and if it does, then there’s gonna be three books under my name in the bookstore shelves soon! 🙂 I can’t wait and I feel so excited (who won’t be?).

Damn straight, Nick! And one day, you'll understand why I needed to include you in this post. You know I always loved you.

Then there’s MGPSG (Myasthenia Gravis Philippines Support Group) website that I started. I published stories there for the awareness of this crippling condition a few people know about. I think it’s time for me to take a leap and believe that God made me a writer for this reason. If this is my life’s ultimate purpose (as oppose to being a mom????), then I guess I have to accept it with arms wide open. Maybe that’s what they mean about total abandonment (but, really, I won’t say no to a cute guy asking me if he could me my happily ever after)!

June was remarkably good – greater than I expected it to be. What could I possibly expect from July? I’m yet to find out. 🙂

Till then.


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