Book 34: As Long As You Love Me, Ann Aguirre

About time! I can’t believe it took me so long to finally have the urge to pick up and read this book after sitting n my shelf for a long time. Like some other books I’ve read and reveiwed, As Long As You Love Me reminded me a lot of my high school days.

A bit of a background. As Long As You Love Me isn’t a sequel for I Want it That Way. The title of the books caught my attention more than the blurb, and you already know the reason why. So anyway, this is Lauren’s story. This is also sizzling hot, just like the previous book. Lauren is such an über naughty gal! She has a long time fantasy crush with Rob, her best friend Nadia’s big brother. When college didn’t agree with her, Lauren went back to their hometown where Rob was staying as a builder in a construction site. The two became an item right after Rob broke up with Avery, who happened to be the girl Lauren and Nadia had resented back in high school.

The I have the hots for your big bro, sis! part strongly reminded me of my high school best friend, or more likely, her Will-Smith-hot big bro whom I used to have a big crush on. Adding the fact that the book is called after the song title of my favorite boyband in the entire universe, reading this book gave me nostalgia to the nth level.

The man of tools. Okay, so let’s a closer look at Rob – he’s not the most confident guy in the world. His family’s constant disproving in everything he does didn’t help, and he always needed someone to reassure him that he’s still worthy of something. Not the usual type of guy for so many women out there, right? It seemed to me that Rob was a lot of work, like he wouldn’t really get anywhere on his own. But when Lauren stepped in, it went to show that behind every man’s success and downfall is a woman. Lauren practically encouraged him, and talked to him about how good he was at certain things (building furniture in this case), and soon enough, Rob finds himself doing something for his dreams with Lauren’s help.

I am still praying to finish a hundred books this year.

A seemingly broken girl. Lauren, was a mess when she came home. College didn’t agree with her, and she was hoping to find refuge in her old hometown when the city felt cruel enough for her. It’s funny, on how we forget our own issues in life when there is someone to focus on to, may it be the person itself or that person’s own issues. Lauren seemed to know very well how to address Rob’s lack of self-esteem, but she didn’t have any idea, even in the slightest, on how to deal with her own panic attacks. There wasn’t much problem to it, though, she seemed to be getting along just fine, especially since she started going out with Rob. The thing is, when the time came when she can no longer supress it anymore, her self-denial became stonger, hurting Rob and herself in the process.

What I liked a lot about it. The friendship support system in this book is awesome. It’s good when there are other issues apart from the conflicts that involves the main story. Like when Lauren made friends with Avery. I know it’s something that seldom happens in real life, but I must agree on the idea that the best of friendships usually starts from a weird situation. Avery’s an ex of Lauren’s present boyfriend, not to mention the bitching around they did back in high school. But in the end, they stick together and helped each other find the way to address their life issues.

All in all, As Long As You Love Me is an enjoyable read. There are a lot of parts in the book which I love the most, but I will leave it for you to find out. And I’m giving it four hearts.


Till then.


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