Down the Memory Lane

Oh yeah, thank God it’s Friday.

I will be homebound again this weekend just to relax. The past days have been rewarding, though a bit challenging, and I feel the need to take a break before another girl’s weekend out (that’s gonna be next weekend so hurrah!”). Anyway, I decided it’s going to be a flashback day today. I’ve found this old journal while rummaging through my old things, and it immediately brought me back to the days when I was still a poet (or so I thought, haha), circa 1999. The journal became my very own personal time capsule, and it made me travel down the memory lane of my youth.

I remember I wrote this poem for a boy I know so well, and until now we still correspond with each other. We became friends since I don’t know when and remained that way, and I suspect we will remain that way for as long as the universe exists. Did I want more than that from him? If someone would ask me that several years back, I’d definitely say yes. But now, I’d just laugh it off and say, what are you talking about? That boy???

So needless to say, it was a long time ago and everybody has moved on. But I really think this is such a great story to tell.

This poem found its way to our school publication. Of course, everyone knew whom I was talking about!

Tell me your thoughts about it. Happy weekend!


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