A Year That Has Been

I was checking my notifications earlier when I came across this greeting from WordPress, saying that it’s been a year since I started to blog. I have built a lot of personal sites before this, in hopes to find proper avenue for my thoughts and feelings, and this is the one that survived. The idea that I’ve been sharing the world the ramblings in my head for a year now is just unbelievable.

So what kind of year had it been?

365 days ‚óź 365 posts. As much as I have tried my best to post at least an entry everyday, there were a lot of uncontrollable circumstances which didn’t allow me to do so. My MG flares, idle moments and even random laziness – and to be honest, there were times when my head would suddenly go blank that I didn’t have anything to write about. Writer’s block at its finest.


A big thanks to some 139 people or so. When I started to blog, it didn’t occur to me if there were those who would really care about what I wrote. However, the growing number of likes and follows made me more determined to keep on writing. I felt like what I was about to say was something of great importance, even for one or two persons who clicked that little star at the end of each of my posts. And what more could the people who clicked that Subscribe button bring? A huge sense of fulfillment. So, thank you. If you’re reading this post or if you’re about to click that star, or if you’re about to hit Subscribe. Thank you, if you’ve already done all of the above. You’ve sticked with me and so I intend to deliver more.

So, to WordPress, cheers to our first year, and I hope we stay together for a long time ahead. Happy anniversary.


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