Painted Nails

I’ve long ago given up on painting my nails. I thought it’s a total waste of time and effort, because I’ve been coming and going to the emergency room and the ICU where polished nails are banned. I’m a bit of a dumb when it comes to applying nail color, so I need to visit the salon and allow the manicurist do that for me. Now, just imagine having exerted the effort of going to the salon, spend some time to wait for your turn with your appointment and have your nails done. Then you’d be rushed to the ER after three days. Horrors when you hear the nurse looking for the nail polish remover.

But I realized that really, it’s worth the effort. I mean, it does not hurt to do something to look great, right?

And so I got up and went to the salon and have my nails done. It felt good, and I love the popping colors.


The nail polish was actually a gift from a friend on my birthday. She knew my color really. šŸ˜€


I’m thinking of painting it blue the next time, and maybe have a foot spa and a whole body massage. What about you? What have you done lately to pamper yourself?


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