Another Sense of Madness

The weather forecast this morning promised a simmering thirty-nine degree temp (I guess that’s around 102°F), the kind of heat that we, tropical peole are not really accustomed to. But right now, as I sit on my deck, the sun is behind the clouds and it seems like the sizzling temperature will be replaced by rainshowers, which I would love the most.

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I began writing another story. It went about smoothly, but my writing mood once again took a plunge. Am I experiencing writer’s block again? I don’t know. Based on my extensive research regarding the subject, stress is one of the two main factors that cause writer’s block. I don’t think I’m stressed, with the amount of time I devote to sleep these days. Seems like my insomnia has gone away, and I pray that it’s gone for good. Or maybe I just need to be inspired, like that kind of push I always get whenever I see the face of that random guy that’s been popping up in my dreams. Hmmm, now I come to think of it – maybe he chased my insomnia away so he could practically invade me in my dreams. Hahaha!

Now as I write this, the rain starts to pour. I could either go sit and stare at a blank word document for the rest of day, and will my brain to conjure a scene for my next chapter, or I could go take a nap. I could also do something more productive like be done with my Kindle reviews, or resume reading this new YA book for my reading challenge. But since it’s raining outside, a cup of coffee sounds good, while sitting by the window sill, listening to my special Backstreet Boys playlist and think about where my sanity had gone!

A girl also needs to dream, you know. After all, I am a hopeless romantic. 🙂

Have a great day ahead, folks!


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