Book 31: I Want It That Way, Ann Aguirre

The main reason this book appealed to me is the title. Yes, I thought the author is somehow a big Backstreet Boys fan since she has two other books titled under BSB songs. I set aside my young adult reads to give way for a more mature and romantic weekend vibe and oh man! I didn’t know what I was up against. I was clueless on the maturity level of this book.

When love happens, it happens.
When love happens, it happens.

My first thought. As I started to read, I had this feeling that I’m gonna be spending my weekend afternoon old-town-life-style. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the book gave me that distinctive feel I always have whenever I read Nicholas Sparks. Between her studies, struggling to keep her scholarship and keeping her job at the day care center, twenty-one year old Nadia doesn’t even have time to date. But the guy who lives downstairs, Ty, twenty-four and an architecture student proved to be so irresistibly good looking. Soon, the two crossed paths, and then they are inseparable. Okay, not the most unusual plot there is, as far as romance novels go. It actually reminded me of Ncicholas Sparks’ The Choice. I liked the four-college-kids-living-in-a-dorm set up, and the friendship system that Nadia have with Lauren, Angus and Max, all of whom have been her friends for a long time. The characters seemed to be polite, and for the most part of the first few chapters I could hardly distiguish it from some of my YA reads.

The Big Bang. Like I said, I was totally clueless as how mature this book is. As innocent as it seemed on the first few pages, the smut level in the next pages are unbelievable. I didn’t think there would actually be action packed chapters! I’m not scandalized, don’t get me wrong, and it wasn’t like Fifty Shades type of thing. I just didn’t expect that this sweet twenty-one year old college student possesses a brain-whacking naughtiness when it comes to bed.

On FWB. Friends with benefits is bull. One can’t just continue to screw another without falling in love. Given that both parties agreed to the no strings attached set up, there’ll come a time when one of them, or both of them would break the rules they created between them. Believe me, I’ve witnessed a lot of friends doing just that.  Clearly, Ty was already in denial when during his first encounter with Nadia. Meanwhile, being in love can really make the smartest person stupid – Nadia accepted what Ty can only give her. Anything for the sake of being with the one you love, right?

In conclusion. I couldn’t agree more with how the story ends, but I wanted a little bit more complication. I mean, c’mon. Ty made it so easy for Nadia. But then again, like I said, Ty obviously has already fallen for her and he just won’t admit it.

Likes: ❤❤❤

Should you read it? Again, if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, then you may not enjoy it. However, if you are looking for a light read over the weekend with a steamy… I mean sexy vibe, well, I think you just found the book.


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