Book 29: Forget Me Not, Carolee Dean

To make up for all the slacking I did the past few weeks and also to catch up with the only on-going 2015 project I have, here’s the twenty-ninth book on my reading challenge. I had a hard time deciding what to read next as I have a lot of untouched books in my shelf, not to mention my worry of leaving the book unfinished just because I got bored. So anyway, though it’s summer, and the bright afternoons are all too perfect to be spent on the house deck reading romance novels, I picked up my all-time favorite theme of all YA lit. Forget Me Not, albeit its similarity with Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, did not break my heart as much.

A little summary. Ally Casell is a popular freshman girl in Raven Valley High School. Everything seems to be in her favor – a stageplay actress, and a member of the school’s dance squad. But then everything suddenly fell apart when her nude photos were scattered all over the school. She suspects her former bestfriend, Brianna, might be responsible, she was the one who caught her in the act of doing it with Davis, Brianna’s older brother and snapped a picture of them. But through her search for answers to the tormenting questions she has about why things have to turn out the way they did, she discovers a lot of painful truth about herself, and the people around her.


The age of new technology can really be scary. There has already been a lot of debate regarding the pros and cons of the seemingly never-ending innovation of technology. As much as we would like to believe that our android phones and the apps associated with them could practically make our lives easier, it could also cause destruction, which may not be irreversible. With just one click in Brianna’s phone, then a tap or two, Ally’s life, and reputation was destroyed. Just imagine the scandalous effect brought about by these actions. Sad to say, teenagers nowadays can be heartless. Cyber bullying has become their source of entertainment.

The haunting in H Hall. Have you heard the rumor that the ground where your high school is currently built was once a graveyard? I’ve heard this urban legend so many times before about my school, that I was even able to write a novella about it starring my high school classmates and I. Rumors have it that Raven Valley High used to be a convent, a university, a military camp, etc. Needless to say, the place is haunted. Oscar and Elijah, two of the students who also attempted suicide inside the school grounds started seeing dead people after their stunt. Okaayy, well, at first I was a bit baffled by this part of the book, and I was like, seriously? I’ve never been a believer of any supernatural things, though they fascinate me somehow, so I could say that I like the fact that the author has put this angle in the story. How could we ever know what’s the point of view of the dead victim, right? And so the H Hall, became the refuge of those who killed themselves, never allowed move forward. That particular hall in the school where everybody believes to be haunted, became the souls’ personal hell. That’s where Ally went to think about what she did, and was given the final chance to make everything right.

The ending (no spoiler!). Forget Me Not did not leave me hanging – my questions about the characters were answered as I turned its pages which is pretty good. I did not expect it to end the way it did, which only suggests that the story has a superb twist that I wasn’t able to predict the ending accurately, after having read a lot of suicide stories. It was also written in a lyrical manner, definitely a plus and I’ve found myself reading in a sing song.

I’m giving this book a big “Like”. Hmmm, maybe I should start giving out Likes to the books I’m reviewing, huh? If you want to redeem yourself after being stuck for a long time dwelling with your pain and confusion, then this is the work of fiction for you.


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