Life Recently

I’ve been lost for words for days… some random person keeps occupying my head lately.

I am torn between three things that I want to accomplish asap. First, I want to finish reading the book I’m currently reading. If it’s because the turn of events in the story doesn’t go the way I want it to, I don’t know, but I suddenly lost interest in turning the few remaining pages left unread. This is going to be the twenty-sixth book in my reading challenge, so I need more will power to overcome the extra challenge this book has given me. Second, I want to continue writing this story I’ve found in my drive. It’s another fiction story, based on the catastrophic love affair that one of my friends had been involved in. Of course, with her permission. However, the storyline is so far different from the ones I normally write – sweet and wholesome. Her story is packed with mischief, not to mention some steamy episodes which, in all honesty, I’m not comfortable writing about. “I have a reputation to uphold,” is what I always say whenever that friend asks for update about it. I know I can do it, making it subtle, but I still can’t come up with ideas for the next chapter.

The third thing I want to get over with is the layout of my blog. You’ll notice there are already a few changes made to it, which didn’t meet the satisfaction level myself requires. I know the changes I can make here are limited. Still, when I found out that I can create my own icons for my category links, it left me restless and wanting to do more. Maybe a change of font color, or additional icons? Also, I want to update my About page, but I just can’t, for the simple fact that I suck at writing things about me. I can write my experiences, thoughts, feelings, bad vibes and all, but I just can’t come up with words to describe myself in general. Except for the words which are already listed there, I just couldn’t make it more descriptive, unlike the other blogs’ About page I’ve read. I am thinking of buying the domain, but before that, I want to make sure this site looks good and the contents are somehow worth reading. Though sometimes, when I think about it, I marvel at the amount of time I’ve been spending on it, knowing that my basic purpose in building this blog is just to have an avenue for my thoughts. Maybe I also wanted to find out if my life makes sense. And this site tells me yes, it does. It feels like a story now.


Do you have any suggestions on how to write my About me page? Your help is very much appreciated.


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