Being Heartbroken, Quotes and That Thing Called Tadhana

What can I say? Do I regret not being able to see this movie on the big screen? Maybe I should have watched this instead of Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine’s. Seeing this film left me feeling like I was being punched in the gut for about eighty-nine times!

Mace is having a hard time checking in her baggage at the airport in Rome due to excess luggage. Then Anthony comes, and offers for her to take his extra baggage allowance so she doesn’t have to throw away her things. Upon their arrival in Manila, Mace announces that she doesn’t want to go home yet, and so the two decided to spend time together. Then Mace reveals that her boyfriend for eight years broke up with her in favor of another woman. Two strangers who met randomly shared their pain and heartaches as they journeyed to the place where broken hearts go. Sounds overly romantic? I agree. 


I could feel Mace’s devastation – I’ve been there. She reminded me of myself during those months when I was still crying and can’t get over my ex. It felt like the pain wouldn’t just go away. And how I wish I had someone like Anthony (JM de Guzman is really cute!) by my side, who’d sing the song I’m singing the moment I could no longer sing, who’d take me to places just to ease the pain I’m feeling, and who’d take me home when I finally decided to start forgetting. Okay, so I am starting to think wishfully here, but I just can’t get over the fact that Mace’s knight in shining armor would be this random stranger, who for all she knows could be a serial killer or an axe murderer. But no. This guy is just… well, he’s just too good to be true I guess. His character made me want to go to Rome and be heartbroken just for the sake of taking the chance to meet someone just like him. Is it universe conspiracy? Maybe, it’s really destiny.

Though there are a lot of expletives (which didn’t bother me that much), there are also a lot of lines to remember. Here are some of them which were seared in my brain.


After the satisfying Tagalog mainstream watch, English Only Please, I’m glad that I put this movie next on queue in my movie playlist. It has English subtitles so you can watch it even if you don’t speak Tagalog. I’m giving it several huge “Likes” for the storyline and for making realize that I was such a laughable case who lost her sanity when I was heartbroken.


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