An Extreme Surprise

Yesterday, I found a daily 2015 planner in a stack of notebooks on my desk. It’s surprisingly empty, knowing myself so well of having no control over my twitching palms once they found a pen and paper. So I decided to fill out the dates, I listed down birthdays of some friends and relatives – past, present and future, and some of the important events in my daily not-so-boring life. As I write the events, I noticed a certain date just this month, and the events written under it gave me a sudden jolt, and an extreme feeling of sadness and overwhelming joy.

As a teenager, I am a huge Backstreet Boys fan. And until now that I am in my child bearing years (not that I am bearing a child right now), their songs managed to stay in my playlist. They came back in Manila on May 5th to promote their new album In A World Like This, and I wasn’t able to come to the show due to health issues. I supressed myself from checking my social media accounts after learning that most of my friends will be present during the show, knowing full well that my news feed would be oozing with photos and videos and heaven knows what else taken from the concert. Yeah, call me bitter if you want, but I am soooo devastated to let go of this rare chance to see Nick Carter in flesh.

Meanwhile, I was IMing my publisher that same day regarding the manuscript I submitted several weeks ago. My first manuscript took months before it got approved, and so my hopes wasn’t in the highest when I did the follow up. But lo! And behold. My publisher replied right away telling me my story has already been approved! I couldn’t contain the overwhelming joy upon recieving this news. A second book under my pen name is on its way to the bookstores, and I couldn’t feel more blessed.


I don’t get it why this didn’t occur to me on that same day. And I don’t have any idea until now what is God’s message behind this. Is it a reminder that people can’t get everything they want all at once? Seeing my all-time favorite artist in person is great, but I can’t quite decide which is greater. To be able to hug Nick or to see my name in a another printed book? Both are my ultimate dreams, so I can’t say anything more about it.

Truly, the Lord has this weird, but sweet way of surprising His children. 😀


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