Things I’ve Proven True After Watching English Only Please

Tagalog mainstream films aren’t exactly on the top of my list of movies to watch. As much as I love Pinoy-made stuff, ΓΌber cheesy lines and kissing just for the sake of kilig factor are not really my thing. There are exceptions of course. I love the John Lloyd-Sarah loveteam that I watched their movie trilogy in the big screen. Jennylyn Mercado isn’t one of my favorite actors, but she made me change my mind for an hour and forty-five minutes, as I watched her movie with the hottie Derek Ramsay, English Only Please.

The story is about Julian Parker (Ramsay) who was looking for an english-tagalog translator to help him translate his hate letter for his ex-girlfriend. He hired Tere (Mercado) as his Tagalog tutor. Now, they aren’t just two random people who met by chance, but two heartbroken souls who eventually helped each other to mend their broken hearts. As I watched their story unfold, I’ve realized that I am seeing an art that imitates life too closely. Some of the scenes are relatable to me.


Translating languages is not that easy. Yes. Like Tere said, the closest Tagalog equivalent of hi is Kamusta? You only use this when you are addressing a friend. In the letter, Julian used hi as a sarcasric remark (Hi, Liar!). I think it’s because sarcasm isn’t really a part of the Filipino culture, so it really doesn’t right to say Kamusta, sinungaling? I’ve been translating documents, talks, seminar topics and any type of written stuff you could think of, and man! It’s never easy. I salute Google Translate for this (despite the non-accuracy sometimes). Though I’ve pretty much understood the thought and what the document is trying to say, there are some words that just don’t have an exact equivalent in other language.

Anyone in love becomes a fool. And I admit, that includes me. Rico, Tere’s boyfriend was obviously using her. Imagine an iPad to be Tere’s proof of love for him! What a gold-digging scumbag. But the girl’s in love. And therefore, a fool. But, who isn’t? One thing I’ve realized is that, despite the rationality and the diligence I have, it never worked when I was deeply in love. All my logic and common sense left me. I guess, falling in love has become my tragic flaw.

Seeing your ex sometime after the break-up would determine if you still love him/her or not. Julian finally sees his ex and confronts her. But contrary to his original plan, he approached her just like any gentleman would do. He realized that he no longer has feelings for her – even the hate and the pain she inflicted upon him seemed to be gone. Lonely days and sleepless nights of brooding over the fact that I was left alone, though it helped, didn’t exactly help me get over my ex in the end. I felt this need to see him once again to make sure I’m okay with being downgraded from “girlfriend” to “friend”. The outcome maybe good, that is, if I see him, I would no longer remember the feeling of being smitten in his presence. Or a disaster, that the minute I see him, good old mem’ries would come rushing back and I would just beg him to relive all of them. Just go try to to figure out what happened to me when I saw him. LOL!

Not all men don’t deserve that precious second chance. Yeah, I think Julian really deserves it. Apart from the fact that he’s cute (:-D), he knew how it was to be hurt and be left alone, and how painful it would be. Second chances are hard to come by with me, especially if I already have moved over. But, hey! Second chances are ought to be given to those who deserve it. Thing is, most of the time, I find it hard figuring out who deserves it. What I do in times like this is pray, and call for help from God. Then I’d realize I am Christian after all. I ought to forgive. And I deserve peace of mind.

It’s okay to fall in love again. And be a fool. For the RIGHT person. “Okay lang na maging tanga ako. Magpapakatanga ako ulit. Basta para sa tamang tao. At ikaw yung tamang tao,” Tere says. How did she know Julian is the right person to fall in love with? I don’t have the idea. All I know is that, everytime I fall in love, a big trust is involved.

All right. A huge “Like” for this movie. I can’t remember another reason I had for not watching this in the cinema except for the one stated above, and I guess chances are really meant to be given. And a huge thanks to that cute guy who told me to watch it.


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