Okay, I’m 29. So what?

My day has come. Yes, I am an April gal and I turn twenty-nine this year. Such a very personal informatiom for me to share to the public, but then, so what? A lot of people say I don’t look my age. Age is just a number, anyway.

Despite my hospitalization a few weeks ago, I plan to throw a party. Okay, not really a party with oozing booze, dancing lights and mascots, but just a simple dinner that my family and friends could share. I always make sure to celebrate my natal day, and for some reason I could barely understand, it has always been a fulfillment for me to be with the most special folks in my life as I enjoy my day of birth. Again, nothing fancy, just some home-cooked meals which recipes I plan to post in here.

But of course, besides contemplating about the food and the guests, I gave myself the time to reflect about the year that has been. I spent three hundred sixty-five days being twenty-eight. What happened to me? Did the year went according to my plan? Well, honestly, there wasn’t that much of an achievement for me. As much as I dislike to admit, MG has taken most most of my energy to chase my dreams. But then maybe, the Lord has prepared a bigger and better plan for me, than I have for myself. Albeit all the heartaches and emotional upheaval that I have gone through the past year, there is one thing that I have understood – God has a weird way of protecting me from further damage and defeat. He allowed me to experience pain in the simplest form so I could be spared of a more complex pain.

Achievements. Even if disappointment has been highlighted more the past year, there’s also victory and triumph. It wasn’t exactly a roller coaster but, you get the picture. I became a published writer last year, one of the biggest leap I have. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, and God gave it to me. Not only that, because from what I’ve heard, my book is actually one of the most downloaded story in an online bookstore here in the Philippines. Talk about being proud (sorry!) and thankful.

What now? So now that another year has been added to my journey, what’s next? I refuse to stay idle and be boxed by my condition. Since I am planning to undergo surgery, which, by all hopes and faith in the world would restore my health, I look forward to chasing my dreams again. I just submitted another manuscript to my publisher, which I really pray to be approved. Will I finally be a stockholder? Will I be able go back to school and finally take that master’s degree? Will God really allow that? I guess there’s only one way to find out.

Pray with me.


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