Book 23: Love, Rosie, Cecelia Ahern

So since I am kinda bedridden these days, might as well spend the time reading books! Ha! My legs still feel wobbly and my arms still feel a bit weak, but hey, I know I’m getting better.

So for my twenty-third book, I should say that I just got this on a whim. I haven’t heard of someone else who has made a review of it, or maybe I am again out of circulation for not knowing the blogs which already have featured this book. Anyway, Love, Rosie is a fun and entertaining read, so far from the depressive suicidal books I have in my shelf. It somehow reminded me of Rainbow Rowell’s Attachment, and a little bit of Jennifer Thompson’s This is a Lovs Story.


The book is actually a compilation of letters, emails, postcards and greeting cards from Rosie Dunne’s friends amd relatives, beginning when she was five. As the letters progress, the messages were actually reflections of Rosie’s rollercoaster life – her family and friends responding to her in every life situation that she confided with them. What made it most interesting is her exchange of letters with her boy bestfriend, Alex. They’ve  known each other since they were five, went to same primary school in Dublin and experienced most of their teenage lives together, until Alex’s family had to move to Boston. The separation, if ever, made their friendship even more stronger. As the years passed, they witnessed such big, life changing events in each other’s lives – from weddings to birthdays, to childbirth and all. But what went amiss all those years of writing and exchanging notes is the one most important thing of all. Their mutual feelings of being in love towards each other.

No woman and man can be “just friends”. Is this true? For most of the books I’ve read and movies I saw, this is always true. In the real life scenario, though, well… maybe? I mean, it doesn’t necessarily have to be two-way right? One of them would always fall for the other, left in vain. If lucky, both of them will. I don’t have so much experience about love, and relationships, but years of being out there exploring possibilities taught me a thing or two.

The universe’s timing is always right. It could take months, years, decades or even half a century [Love in the Time of Cholera], but when something is meant to happen, I am sure that God’s timing is the most perfect time. I maybe am talking about a fictious story, but a lot of times in my life, I can’t understand just why everything falls apart. Then suddenly, here comes the big surprise! If their failed marrriages aren’t big signs that Rosie and Alex are meant to be together, then I don’t know what that is. 🙂

Love, Rosie is a book full of humor and life lessons. Life isn’t that easy, and as much as I convince myself that I am just reading a book, I can’t ignore the feeling that I am reading an art that imitates life too closely. Two thumbs up for such a good read.


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