Intensive Care Unit Version Nth-Point-Oh

April came with a bang. A loud one. Being my favorite month didn’t stop it from giving me such a surprise to remember. As most Catholics did penance and spent time contemplating and reflecting upon Christ’s paschal mistery during the Holy Week, I was rushed again to the emergency, and ended up in the Intensive Care Unit. Again.

It sucks that myasthenic crisis doesn’t really come with a warning. One moment I am feeling perfectly fine, the next moment, I am down so low due to immobile muscles. This time, just like all the other times, the doctors found out I have an acute infection of the urinary tract, and I have iron deficiency anemia. Thankfully, I didn’t have to be intubated and I only stayed in the ICU for two days. I was transferred to a regular room for observation.

Side-effects of the new medicine. This isn’t the first time for me to take immunosuppressants, and I should say that it is really a one big nightmare to start Prednisone. I feel good in the mornings, say ’till nine, then my strength would just slide down till at least three in the afternoon. In that expanse of six hours, I can’t move mg armsand legs for they feel sooo heavy, so I’ve nothing to do but lie down, try to sleep and wait and pray that the weakness would just go away.

Defying rules has always been my specialty. When I was rushed to the emergency, my jaws and throat were locked and I couldn’t swallow. The doctors recommended NGT, which I refused point-blank. The beyond-uncomfortable-painful feeling of the tube in my nostril is not welcome, and never will be. So after two unsuccessful attempts to put the tube against my will, the doctors just gave up. I tried swallowing the meds [Mestinon] which thank God I did successfully, and so the next morning, I felt more than fine.

A blessing in disguise. In a way, I feel that this hospital staycation has been a very big blessing. Like I have mentioned in one of my posts, I am scheduled for thymectomy, which now I am not sure when will take place. The various infections and deficiencies and work ups which were done to me could have worsen. But God once again intervened, and now I feel safer, and less afraid of the surgery.

Now, I am finally home, safe and sound. Hopefully, everything will go just fine.


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