March, Where Did You Go?

I just don’t get it why time flies by so quickly, especially when I dread for it to end. One moment I would think that I still have all the time in the world, and the next moment, poof! It’s gone. And I wasn’t even given the chance to say goodbye to it. March could have been more fruitful, but, yeah, I have also been missing in the blogosphere while it was here, and so who am I to really question where did it go?

Okay, so I was actually scheduled for thymectomy on March 20. But due to some uncontrollable circumstances, I had to reschedule. I would really love for it to be done the soonest time, because the more we postpone it, the more scared I get. I mean, I know everything’s gonna be fine, but it’s still a major operation, a procedure that would put me under knives and stitches. Who wouldn’t be scared, right?

Then, here comes my book challenge. Honestly, I haven’t read a single book this month. Just when I dubbed myself as a girl who ate books, I just lost the enthusiasm to read. I don’t really feel like I am so out of my element. It’s just that, maybe after twenty books in two months, my system decided to take a break? Or most probably, I was actually doing something that needed my undivided attention.

Yes. My writer’s block has finally dissolved, and I just finished a manuscript. It really felt good for all the ideas to come freely in my head, and to put them into words. And it has been several months since the last time I completed a manuscript, and I am just so glad that finally, I have accomplished something once again. Now, all I have to do is submit it to the publisher and pray that it will be approved with no hassle.


Now March just told me where she went. She went away with my writer’s block.


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