Book 18: Fall to Pieces, Vahini Naidoo

Blogging’s been bleak the past days, but here I am, back on track and too excoted to share my eighteenth book. Honestly, I had a hard time deciding what’s going to be the next.

Fall to Pieces is yet another young adult novel about suicide. No, the self terminator wasn’t a known bullying victim (though she was one of the fat kids on school and somehow received taunting)- Amy was actually the bully. The story revolves around Ella, Amy’s bestfriend, who was determined to find out the truth about Amy’s death. Much like Gayle Forman’s I Was Here, but the similarity ends there. Amy fell off Ella’s second floor one drunken party night, and the fall killed her in Ella’s front lawn. As disturbing as it was, Ella cannot remember major things happened that night. The way Mark and Petal, her two other friends who were also present that night of Amy’s death, treats her made her believe that there was something big she missed. In her determinatiom to remember anything worth remembering from that night, Ella, along with her other two friends invented the game called Pick Me Up, where they would jump from a high place and land on thick layers of hay. Ella also tried to understand through the falls about how Amy might’ve felt before she died, while she slowly remembers snippets from that night. Meanwhile, Ella volunteers at the day care (as opposed to seeing the family shrink courtesy fo Ella’s mom), where she met Tristan, who eventually helped her to undertand and unravel the answers to her questions about Amy’s death.


It must be extremely painful to watch your bestfriend die, and even more painful to realize that you could have actually done something to prevent it. Ella was hurting, because she believed that she was somehow responsible for Amy’s death. They’ve known each other since kindergarten, and she must have noticed something off with Amy that she decided life wasn’t worth it. What she didn’t realize sooner is that, based on all of her memories of Amy, and the way she knew her, Amy was a lonely girl, already broken and dead even before the self-termination. Ella, on the other hand, has this strong personality, imposing self-destruction and self-isolation. Pick Me Ups made it clear. I also noticed that she didn’t always welcome help, even when she clearly needs it. The only time I recall she welcomed it was when after Tristan told her something that made her trust him, and made her think that he really understood what she was going through. There’s not much of adult involvement, which I guess is always true with teenagers going through terrible stuff, like grief upon the death of a friend. I mean, most of the time, teenagers seek help from those they can truat to understand, and it clearly is someone their age. I’ve been there.

From what I’ve heard, Fall to Pieces was written when the author was just eighteen years old. It is only fair to say that this is an outstanding read, and not only adults can write this good. There are a lot of revelations in this book, and I like the fact that these reveals are not so overdone. Just right. If you liked I was Here, then you should definitely read this.


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