#MovieWeekend: Fifty Shades of Grey

I am not a fan, but I believe that in order for me to like or dislike something, I must understand it first. And so just like everyone who dared, I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey.


So, where do I start? I have read a trilogy a little more than a year ago. Books like that are actually hard to forget, because the story isn’t the normal genre that I usually read. I noticed most of my colleagues drowning in PDF files on a seemingly interesting story, and so I joined in (again, just for the sake.of knowing what they were up to). When one of my guy friends caught me deeply buried in the book, he asked me, “Why are you reading that filth?”

I heard that Fifty Shades of Grey is actually an erotic adaptation of the sensational book Twilight. It was a fan fiction that got phenomenal, maybe because of the genre. Honestly, I was thrilled by the filthy words I learned in this book. But overall, the book has no story at all, Anastasia Steele is the most irrational young woman in history, and Christian Grey is physcologically disturbed. The only things that made it interesting is the angles of BDSM and the fact the Christian Grey is a multi-millionaire that can practically buy the world. But remove those two, what could possibly be the plot?


The movie, on the other hand, disappointed me more than it impressed me. There were blurry parts, and parts that are blocked, and I suspect it’s just here in the Philippines being a conservative country and all. I mean, that’s the point of franchising right? The book clearly portrayed explicit contents, used the words clitoris and fellatio maybe multiple times, so what do we expect. But then again, blurred is better than none at all.

A lot of scenes I was hoping to be there are being omitted too. The part when Anastasia cried in her room, telling Christian that he never stayed with her, is a scene that makes much more sense and could give a romatic vibe, but it wasn’t there. I was also looking for Mrs. Robinson, but I never saw her. And the fact that Anastasia became a commissioning editor, which I think is essential to prove that she isn’t just the virgin-who-became-addicted-to-kinky-sex is also missing. I mean, I get that movies have limited running time, but look at Harry Potter. Most of its movie adaptations are amazingly almost accurate, leaving little room for disappointment and meeting most of the expectations of those who have actually read the books. And the ending, though it was really how it happened in the book, well, it clearly has a to be continued air. If they are making Fifty Shades Darker, then it’s got to bs bwtter that the viewers ever hoped for.

Did I think my money went to waste? Not really. After all, I wouldn’t be able to qrite a review without actually seeing it. But I have to say this: I think it’s better to wait for the DVD version. It’s more practical that way.


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