Under Knives and Stitches

Today, I got my schedule for thymectomy.

It’s been a little over two years since MG started to challenge me, and I am just so thankful that it didn’t have to take more than that before I can undergo a possible relief. I originally planned for the surgery to be done some time in January, but because of some uncontrollable circumstances, the days were moved. Anyway, it’s already on it’s way now and all I have to do is wait.


Am I afraid? At first, I was. The way it was explained to me the first time, I can’t just find the courage in me to be under the doctors’ knives. I should say that being in a support group helps (like Women with Myasthenia Gravis), because I was able to meet people who have undergone thymectomy and were able to lead a normal life. The fact that there is a big possibility that I can go back to my old functioning life is really motivating.


What about the stitches and scars? It’s the least of my concerns, and I know it should be. Though it’s quite hard to let go of my oh so flawless skin, I know that I will actually be left with battlescars. A sign that I was challenged, and I, with the help of God, triumphed over it.


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