Book 17: Landline, Rainbow Rowell

Jsut to break the tension, I decided to choose a very different genre for my 17th book – adult romance.

Rainbow Rowell’s Attachment fascinated me big time, and so it didn’t surprise me that her Landline didn’t allow me to sleep till two a.m. The plot is somewhat strange and unique, like I’m back to watching The Lake House, or reading The Time Traveler’s Wife. When Georgie told Neal that she won’t be spending Christmas with him and her their two kids, Neal didn’t argue – he just packed up and flew to Omaha with their kids. As the days went, and Georgie having a hard time reaching Neal through his cell, she used the rotary phone in her childhood bedroom and called Neal’s mom’s landine – and the weirdness began.


Though I was fortunate enough to experience using the landline to chat nonstop with my teenage friends, I wasn’t born in the year so I could be old enough to use a rotary phone. But I have to admit, there’s something eerie about that kind of phone. And how I wish divinen intervention happens just when you needed help. Though the situation clearly creeped Georgie out, it was actually what helped her salvage her marriage.

It’s true, that when you feel lost, all you have to do is go back to where everything started. As Gerogie tries to pinpoint the exact time her marriage went downhill, she was also acosted by the good memories she and Neal have shared through the eerie, supernatural phone calls. And so by the time she realizes that she was largely, if not entirely at fault if Neal finally leaves her, she took the initiative to fix her almost broken marriage.

Landline is not just your ordinary book, but a great read nonetheless. The plot may be an impossibility in real life, but the message I got is clear. When lost and confused, look back.


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