Book 15: Breaking the Rules, Katie McGarry

Alright! I’m finally done with Echo and Noah’s [Pushing the Limits] love story. Fresh from high school, their romance continued and they set out for the summer to discover the world.

So Echo decides to pursue her dreams of becoming an artist, by going from gallery to gallery to show and sell her work. While she is ecstatic that she’s been so far successful in selling her works, ond of the curators she had spoken to told her that her mom, having a respectable name in the art community actually made calls to some people, asking them to support Echo. I just can imagine how demoralizing that must be. Echo believed that she was able to convince these gallery owners that she was a real deal in the art community only to find out that it was her mom who’s beyond her success all along. Not to mention that that’s the same person responsible for her bad dreams at night. Good thing Noah, never left her side. However, as they continue their journey through the summer, Noah discovers a disturbing secret about his past – he still has surviving relatives that could’ve actually saved him from entering the foster care system.


I love this book as much as I loced the first. But this is more crafty and steamy – Noah and Echo’s conversations about their love towards each other is just superb. I could still picture in my head their shower scene – the horrors in Echo’s eyes, and the amusement in Noah’s as they talked about him being abnormally… uh, well… And the oh-so-sexy description of how they made love for the first time! It wasn’t bold, but it’s too colorful and crafty to be ignored.

In my opinion, Noah and Echo were brought together by their past, both of which has become their own demon, taunting them and preventing them from the normal life they badly wanted. Now, they came into the point wherein their past becomes this barrier between them, and they have to decide if they will let it cause them to fall apart. Echo is subconciously still grieving for her brother’s death, and so she’s afraid that Noah would just walk out of her life just like her brother did. Noah is still being eaten by guilt over his parents’ death, and so he protects Echo the way he wasn’t able to protect his parents.

If Pushing the Limits talked about hope, Breaking the Rules is all about confronting the past, accepting them and eventually let them go. In real life, we have to deal with our own pain, accept it and eventually we have to let it go. And in Echo’s case, she hopes that the summer trip with Noah would change her. But unless she confront her pain and accept it, she’ll always be the same person before she left home.


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