Book 12: In Too Deep, Amanda Grace

When I read this book I have one thought about the author. She must be a Backstreet Boys fan. Seeing the name Nick and Carter in one sentence, though as two different persons makes my heart seem like a butter on a warm pan. Aw!

In Too Deep is about a senior, Sam, who planned to flirt with the school’s golden boy, Carter, just to find out if her best friend, Nick will get jealous and somehow realize that the boy has feelings for her. But as the events didn’t turn in her favor, her tears of humiliation somehow misinterpreted by one of the girls from school, and that’s how the rumor started. Suddenly, Carter, the golden boy, is no longer the center of attraction in school, instead, he became the subject for humiliation and ridicule.


Okay, so that’s actually what happens if people are fond of gossip. I know a lot of people who are just like that, who just can’t help but be “socially aware” of what’s going on. Thing is, the gossip was all wrong. Carter was defined as a jerk by at least three girls, one of them, Veronica ended up being harrassed for three years, because of what Carter told people that she’s a lesbian. But did Carter deserved it? I believe no one, even a jerk like Carter, deserves to be wronged. I am not saying that he could get away with what he did with Veronica, but a wrong cannot be corrected by another mistake.

Another thing I don’t get is Sam’s fear upon telling Nick the truth. They’ve been friends their whole lives, for him not to be able to understand the truth. It could Sam’s very reason though. That maybe, she knew Nick that well not to trust him with it. But Nick, wasn’t described in the book to be the type that would freak out. It was all Sam’s assumption. Being her best friend is enough reason for him to deserve her trust.

If you are after a story about a girl who’s rationality temporarily escaped her, then In Too Deep is for you. Although, you might be able to learn about things like gossiping and it’s destructive effect, and how your best friend deserves, if not all, then maybe some.


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