National Day of Mourning: Prayer for the Fallen 44

Dear Lord,

We pray for the souls of the soldiers who were killed in Maguindanao. We know that the way they died is not Your will, and yet they went to war, with one goal of restoring peace and keeping their countrymen safe. We thank You because of that. Please do not allow them to die in vain by keeping all of us safe, from those who’d want to carry on with the battle and bloodshed. May we keep them in our hearts, remembering that they once lived fulfilling their duty of keeping peace and security all throughout our nation. And even though they are no longer with us, they still live in You, and their spirits will continue to live in our hearts.


We pray for the families that these soldiers left behind. Because before these men became soldiers, they were first a son, a brother, a nephew, a husband and a father. Please help their families to achieve understanding and acceptance. Heal their broken hearts, wipe their tears of grief, and fill them with the warmth of Your love. Albeit the insufficiency of words to console them, may You provide them with enough strength to face this moment of tragedy in their lives.

We pray for the Philippine government. May You enlighten the minds of our government officials, to do right things. Especially our President, please grant him the grace of wisdom, so that he may be able to decide for the common good. Please guide him to choose what’s best for many and, disregard the choices that might support his personal interest. May he use the power and authority that we have given him during the elections and come up with a good plan on how to bring about the truth and justice for our Fallen 44.

We pray for all of us, Filipino people. May we always value peace and despise war. Help us to always remember that we are brothers and sisters, and that we are still one nation, despite our differences in beliefs and in principles. We may not believe in the same God, we may have conflicting principles, but at least give us one common goal to bring about peace and unity. So that our children and grandchildren will live in a country where people are united and stand for harmony.

We ask all of these in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.


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