Book 10 & 11: Confessions of An Almost-Gilrfriend; No More Confessions, Louise Rozett

Wow! How can I have discovered this series just now?

As I continue to follow Rose Zarelli’s teenage life, the situtions in which involves her is just getting more in more complex. As Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend, the second installment of the Confessions series starts, it opens up with the bullying of a gay freshman who was under “initiation” for the swim team. It was the irony that Conrad, the gay who was being bullied, was actually Regina’s brother, that amused me. This second book dealt more about the bullying and sexual tolerance. The third book focused more about Rose’s lovelife with Jamie, which makes it my favorite of all the three books. I loved the idea of the “badass” Jamie, with a high school girl. Jamie’s personality, mysterious and a little bit dark adds more excitement to their love story. And I also like the fact that, despite him having the reputation of being a bad boy, when it comes to Rose, he can be as gentle as a feather, and a perfect gentleman who waits.


I could easily picture their kissing in my head, so gentle and romantic and frustrating at the same time. I could also feel for Rose, that while she found her place by Jamie’s side, she can’t actually find herself doing something with her life. Unlike her best friend Tracy, whose career in the fashion world started to flourish at a young age through hee fashion blog, The Sharp List. Or maybe Robert, her other friend who proved himself to be a musical actor. Or maybe even Stephanie, whose Amazonian features could easily make her into the modeling career. Rose, while she found out that she could actually sing, made to a band which she eventually blew up. So much for looking for something to do in which you could be identified for, which seemed important in the years when you have to keep that confidence level up.

The complexity of Rose’s life not just end there, and I know that a lot of teenagers out there could totally relate with her. Her mom finally decides to go out with man, after her dad died two years ago. Her brother is going out with her bestfriend. The books perfectly described how every teenager would definitely react in these scenarios – lost and confused. Everything felt like a big decision to make, which I know most teenagers feel as well. I know how it feels. I’ve been there.

It just breaks my heart to know that the end of the third book didn’t agree with what I have in mind. Or maybe I am just in a hurry to end up Rose’s teenage adventure? I don’t know really, all I know is that I would love Jamie and Rose together because I think they’re perfect. I would gladly turn the pages of the fourth book when it’s finally out. I couldn’t find it so I assume Ms. Rozett still finishes it. 🙂

To all the teenagers out there, who think that life can never be more complicated that it already is, Rose Zarelli’s story is for you.


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