Book 9: Confessions of An Angry Girl, Louise Rozett

Wow, I can’t believe I’m already in my ninth book.


Confessions of an Angry Girl isn’t in my January list of books to read, but after my supposedly seventh book, I’m no longer bothered to follow the list. Which is somehow a good decision since I’ve picked up books I actually enjoyed. This book, is just like my signature favorite Y.A read – teenage life, issues about fitting in, social terrorism, infatuation and family issues. I don’t know if I was just lucky enough to live my teenage life in the time when my classmates and I were just worrying about homework and class schedules and who likes who, or I just simply didn’t notive that “harrassment” existed during my time.

The story is about a Rose Zarelli, a freshman who just lost her father. While her big brother went away for college, Jamie Forta, a junior who happens to be Rose’s big-time crush, kept an eye on her on his brother’s orders. I don’t think Rose is really an angry girl. For me, she seemed lost, alone and confused. Lost, because she just don’t understand how to deal with high school life. Is it really normal to be talking about sex and actually doing it? Is it really a part of teenage life to be drinking alcohol and smoking, for the sake of being cool? As she didn’t feel the need to do all these things, she felt like she maybe was having arrested development. Alone, because her brother, to whom she was very close went away for college. Her mom was too busy with her own grief because her dad was killed. Her best friend, Tracy, discovers new set of friends, the cheerleading squad, who were far cooler than her. Confused, because, of how Jamie treats her. Is kissing her part of him “keeping an eye” on her? Or Jamie was just being nice to her, like, extra nice?

I very seldom encounter a book that talks about several kinds of issues. And when I do, I normally recommend them to my friends. Confessions of An Angry Girl suggests a lot of ways to cope with every issue that it talks about. For example, as Rose still grieves for her father’s death, she decides to open a memorial website for him. To confirm Jamie’s feelings for her, she kissed him again, the very chance she’s got. She wasn’t afraid to tell her bestfriend what’s on her mind regarding sex. I mean, these things make her a fine heroine to the story. She may not able to stand for herself at first, when Regina, Jamie’s cheerleader girlfriend threatened and bullied her, but she was able to retaliate at the right moment.

The way the story was written is straightforward, and although I would love it better if it got my highlighter ink pretty dry, I can’t really think of another way to make it better. Maybe a list guide questions for group discussions? This book is one of those which talks about how teenagers cope with their lives nowadays, about the things that they have to live through that most of the adults don’t know. So most probably, this is a good subject for a group discussion.

Apparently, I didn’t know that this book is actually the first of a trilogy, until the last page. Sinca I have issues with unfinished business (which means I’ll be reading my original book 7 pretty soon), I looked for the other two. And because I would love to know what happens with Rose and Jamie.


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