Book 8: Adultery, Paulo Coelho

It’s been long since I’ve read an adult fiction, and though I am officially an adult, the things I’m reading from these books still overwhelm me. I’ve read much of Paulo Coelho’s work, and Adultery, being his latest book is no different.

Adultery is a book about Linda, a married woman in her thirties, who seems to be suffering from depression, or maybe a late quarter-life crisis. And as she feels sad compulsively, she meets with her high school ex-boyfriend, Jacob, and soon she discovers a passion for sexuality within herself. Nowadays, this kind of plot is a total clichè – a lot of TV drama feature infidelity, immorality and a lesser value for the sanctity of marriage. Am I in a position to give opinion regarding marriage and family? I’m not sure. I don’t have a family of my own and I am a certified bachelorette. And so I wonder, is this the reality that awaits me as I decide to enter married life?


Linda knew too well what were at stake if she decides to be with Jacob. It was her family and her reputation as a journalist, but she still went and involved in an elicit affair with a married man. I don’t quite understand what kind of person seeks and finds refuge in the destruction of other people. How could be someone else’s pain be their happiness and life satisfaction? But don’t get me wrong, I am not judging them. I am just merely asking questions.

Adultery is a book full of life lessons, most of them are applicable to married people. It defined love in a biblical sense, how it is forgiving and self-sacrificing. Highly recommended especially for married couples.


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