Social Media Bashing, Freedom of Expression and the Thing Called Respect

I am the type of person that gets bored easily, and so I always find ways to amuse myself. Even though I am the girl who ate books, I prefer to do other things as well. When I feel good enough, I hang out with my friends, play with the kids in the neighborhood or go some place else. But when I can’t get off bed, my phone is usually my companion, and a faithful one at that. And since I don’t have installed games, I would go to the pages of some famous personalities and read along the comments of the netizens. The comments especially the bashing amuse me so much I’m afraid reading them might become my newest hobby.

Why do these bashers even bother to visit the online page of the person they supposedly “hate”, I don’t know. They even take the time to create pseudo-accounts to keep their anonimity. They would leave bad and hurtful words for a person they don’t even know and aim for any kind of destruction towards the seemingly perfect strangers. Why speak, when there are no good words to say? Why exert the effort and waste a space in the cyberworld for an anonymous
account to hurt someone else’s feelings? Isn’t it the point of freedom of expression for the world to know that they are speaking for themselves? Why even visit the page in the first place?


Okay, so there’s freedom of expression. That’s according to Article III Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution. It’s also in the First Amendment. We can say whatever we want to say. However, there’s this thing called respect. Because, honestly, I wouldn’t know how to react if a stranger tells me to go to hell. I’m not trying to be righteous or anything, but it just feels so wrong somehow.

But then, if the bashers would stop doing what they’re doing, I would have to look for another hobby. 🙂


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