Book 6: Every You Every Me, David Levithan

Since Julie Anne Peters decided that Lies My Girlfriend Told Me would be her last book, I want to have another author just like her. Maybe David Levithan’s my bet.

When I finished reading Everyday, I felt hanging. The story wasn’t complete and there are a lot of questions formed in my head. Good thing, there’s a sequel that I heard to be released sometime this year.

Now before reading Every You Every Me, I had doubts, if in any case it will leave me in the same situation like Everyday did. It isn’t impossible, knowing that they are by the same author. But I proved myself wrong. Every page was worth turning, and in almost every paragraph, I had to highlight some quote-worthy words.


The story is about Evan, a guy whose friend Ariel had been gone. It wasn’t very clear at first if Ariel was killed or just went away. Thing is, it wasn’t possible for her to be able to leave photographs for Evan in odd places, photographs that soon led Evan to a heartbreaking discovery. But as Evan received the pictures one by one, he felt haunted by Ariel’s memories, and somehow felt responsible for what happened to her. The photographs were eerie enough that I, myself imagined how creepy the experience must be for Evan.

What Ariel needed help for wasn’t mentioned, but she sure was disturbed. It might have been frustrating in Evan’s part though, of not knowing or even feeling what the problem was knowing that he was Ariel’s supposed best friend. That only proves that no matter how close we are to a person, we can’t know everything about him or her. In fact, Evan actually compared it to a photograph’s pixels. The more you zoom the picture closer, the more it becomes blurry, the more you won’t be able to see the image.

Every You Every Me is compelling and intriguing. I was way too excited to turn to the next page to see who was the creepy stalker leaving pictures for Evan. What did this stalker want from Evan?  What really happened to Ariel? Why did Evan feel responsible for what happened to her aside from the fact that they were supposedly best friends? These were some of my questions that I was glad were answered without waiting for a sequel. 🙂


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