Over Cups of Coffee

It’s Sunday, and unlike all the Sundays of my pre-MG life, this one’s particularly lazy.

I’m done reading the Mara Dyer series (and please watch out for my thoughts about it to be posted here). I have other books lined up in my readibg challenge list, but I am no longer in the mood to read at the moment. Until I remember that this is actually a coffee afternoon for me and two other friends. I remember I didn’t dare get excited. What if I have a flare? But since I am pretty much in good shape, I was able to get out of the house.

I’ve long heard about Starbucks finally serving Three Broomsticks’ Butterbeer (Harry Potter fans could totally relate here) and that is what I was excited about while I was on my way. Finally, a wizarding-community touch to reality. But to my disappointment, the branch where we went doesn’t offer it. So I obligingly asked for my signature caramel macchiato which isn’t so bad.


This was a very blessed afternoon. I am thankful that I felt good enough to be able to attend the Sunday mass first thing in the morning with my whole family – mom, dad and bro. I get to spend the afternoon with good friends over cups of my favorite coffee in my favorite coffee shop. And top it all off, I felt so good and strong, physically.

I guess I just started my journey to 30 list. Maybe all I have to do is have more lazy afternoons spent just like this to accomplish my list. 🙂



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