Movie Weekend: The Things I’ve Learned from Disney’s Frozen

I know it’s a little bit too late to be reviewing a film that’s been out a couple of years ago. While all the people I know were talking about Disney’s Frozen, I was probably on another part of the universe, or I just didn’t really care to bother what it was about (or maybe both). And since Once Upon a Time already included this Disney story in its fourth season, I decided to watch it so I could relate.

So what are the thing I’ve learned? Like all fables, Frozen has plenty of things both young and old can learn about.

It’s always cool to be free. While Elsa was forced to be confined in the four walls of the castle, I believe that when the whole kingdom discovered what she’s capable of and ran away, a sense of freedom was with her. Imagine a life of always having to hide and be shut off from the people you love.


Nobody wants to be alone. Being alone sometimes is totally okay, but only up to the point when we feel loneliness. We will always come to a point when we would totally need someone to talk to, to share our feelings with, to laugh with and even to cry with.


True love cannot always be determined overnight. I sincerely believe that true love is such a powerful and magical thing that happens between two people. Therefore, it can’t just be found that easy. Sure, there is love at first sight and all other kinds of love, but this one should be coming from somewhere deep. I think the fairy tale makers have realized this too. Snow White and Prince Charming didn’t really perform true love’s kiss right away – they first had to escape from the wrath of the Evil Queen. It’s the distance, the triumph from the trial that make true love valid.


Love is always the key to a happily ever after. Jusy like all of the fairy tales every kid has grew up to, there is nothing that cannot be solved of one has love in his or her heart. Being all by herself for the longest time seemed to make Elsa forget how to love, be loved and the warmth of it. The cold never bothered her, anyway, right? But when her sister’s life was at stake, and the kingdom, she learns how wonderful it is to be in the warmth of love.


Disney never fails to make us all realize what we’ve been forgetring all this time. They create movies that’s not onlu for kids, but for people who havw already forgotten what it was like to be young.


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