Book 2: Attachments, Rainbow Rowell

I’ve been occupied by Mike Ross the whole time I was not in the scene – that heartbreakingly handsome fraud of this TV program which has become my newest addiction, Suits. I just finished marathoning the second season, swooning over my new eye candy, Patrick Adams.

But of course, I am not to talk about that series, because after I’ve decided to hold off seasons 3 and 4 (parts of them aren’t in my drive yet), I remembered I have a challenge to myself. Reading a hundred books for 2015. So here is my second book – Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.

"I wanted someone who wouldn't leave me if he could. Who wouldn't feel like being committed to me was such a burden." - Attachments
“I wanted someone who wouldn’t leave me if he could. Who wouldn’t feel like being committed to me was such a burden.” – Attachments

I never thought I could easily get attached with this book. It felt totally good to be reading a romance novel that’s not Nicholas Sparks-type of romance, or the thick paperback ones I often see in Booksale. It’s somehow between YA lit and chic-lit and romance, totally wholesome. It reminded me of This is A Love Story.

So the story is about this Internet security officer named Lincoln, whose job is to read emails of employees, emails which have been violating the proper use of office internet. Then he just found himself falling in love with Beth (woo, a very cute name!), whose emails to her friend Jennifer has always been red-flagged for violation.

When I was still belonging to the corporate world, my supervisor always reminded us of the IT guys somewhere downstairs, watching over our emails and see if we are passing around some delicate information about the clients, or maybe if we are trying to gather up and build labor union that would oust the present management. And I was like, seriously? No one could ever be paid just to read emails all night. And why are they always have to be located downstairs anyway? I never believed internet security officers really did exist, until I read this book, which, is a work of fiction.

But it definitely is a cute story. I could imagine Beth being so smart and funny (I believe all Beths are like that, fictional and otherwise), and I could picture cute Lincoln, tall and broad. In fact, he reminded me of Monch, this tall, cute IT guy from where I worked seven years ago. I am almost always happy whenever my computer gets busted, because that meant he’s gonna go up and fix it. I talked to him and flirted a bit, until I’ve found out that he’s the supervisor of the IT guys! So going back, reading through the pages, I started to wonder if this kind of set-up will ever work. Lincoln knew that Beth has a crush on him, so how the heck would Beth just believe him when he finally says his feelings, and not think that he was just taking advantage of her? And that question, I should say, made me keep turning the pages, until I found out the answer.

Attachments is such a light and fun read, one that you wouldn’t want as your bedtime read, else you won’t be able to catch that sleep. It’s like Message in A Bottle another way around, and This is A Love Story in the beating around the bush department. You’d be too smitten after reading this, and start wondering how that mysterious IT guy in your office looks like.




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