Back to Business

It’s Monday. While most people are still dreading to go to work, and some are still nursing holiday hangover, I am all ready to start the week doing the things that I must according to my planner. It’s just that, I can’t start writing and editing because my computer is in the repair shop, again.

So what am I about to do today, you may ask?


My publisher, after finally releasing my fiction book into the market, has finally consented me to submit a non-fiction manuscript. I don’t dare get excited in case the manuscript doesn’t get approved, but of course, the fact remains that it is now somehow subject for evaluation. It is the story that I wrote over a year ago, about my personal ordeal a little over a year ago. I called it If Only. This is very important to me. I wanted the world to know just how God took care of me during my troubled times. How true friends can be right there in times of need. How enemies can’t even laugh off about the pain I endure. And how people actually cared when I felt like I never mattered at all.

Also, I am praying that this work certifies me to a Catholic magazine that I am wanting to be a part of. I do not know what God’s plan are for me or if this is really His plan, but it feels like He’s already laid it down for me to work with. All that I have to do is to have faith.

I know I am a writer for a reason. Words are my weapon.

They are also my tools to serve my Creator.


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