Ciao 2014!

It has been another year again, and I could hardly believe that 2014 is finally leaving. It feels like just yesterday when I was welcoming it with my family and friends.

So anyway, as I am pretty much excited what 2015 has in store for me, let me do a recap of a year that has been. Was it a year full of blessings, or a year of hardship and trials? But I know, no matter how negative or positive the outcome might be, still, it is a year of gift from God.

January. My first airplane ride. It was my first time to travel in a place that would require me to go 35,000 feet above the ground. Though it was just within the country, it was still an experience worth remembering. It was in the city where durian is famous – Davao City.


February. It was such a lovely month, but I didn’t have that much adventure. I was able to see a phenomenal movie, though. Starting Over Again.

March. This was such a had time, for I had to be intubated for the second time around. The first was on August the previous year. Anyway, I was confined because my condition exacerbated when I acquired urinary tract infection. But the day that I was about to be discharged, I got this hospital-induced pneumonia that made MG even worse.

April. My birth month. Twenty-eight years of being alive, though not always fit and healthy, but still blessed to see and discover the world’s wonder. Though it wasn’t a hell of a party, some of my friends and relartives were there to celebrate life with me. My brother even bought me a cake with my age on it. Not everyday a woman turns twenty-eight, right?


May. This month is not as eventful as it could have been. I still have to stay at home because of the hospital confinement. I was able to get an anti-pneumonia vaccine, though. One less to worry about being intubated again.

June. This is quite eventful. I got to celebrate with one of the priests in our parish in his birthday. It wasn’t much, but the bonding was excellent. I was also able to see my much-awaited movie, The Fault in Our Stars. And to top it all, I was able to finish a story manuscript that I submiited in a publishing company for printing. I thought it was time for me to start realizing my dream of being a published writer.

July. This blog was born. I’ve started a blog before, but I didn’t maintain it, and I didn’t write to it as religiously as I do now. This blog became my refuge, it allowed me to write and tell the world what’s on my mind. It made me think of all the positive things that life has to offer, and helped me forget about the bad things. In one way or another, this has become one of my therapies.

August. Another escapade was done. I was able to travel to another place that I’ve never been – Bataan. It was through the parish pilgrimage that’s being held annually, and so we visited some of the pilgrim churches, and also went to Mt. Samat. It was a tiring trip, but refreshing, fun and an unforgettable experience as well. Though I’ve got my heart broken this same month, a big news arrived in my email. My manuscript has been approved!


September. For me, this is such a fateful month, for I’ve met the head of the neurosciences deartment of the Philippine General Hospital, and discussed with her my condition. And we talked about how thymectomy could possibly bring back my life to almost normal, that she had me convinced to undergo surgery. It wasn’t the assurance of the normal life possibility that had me convinced, though, but the way she explained it. Also, this month, I was able to prove something. i can finish reading twelve novels in less than thirty days.


October. This month, I was able to get myself a part-time online job at Odesk. It’s a job that allows me to do what I want (reading and writing) and get paid for it. Thanks to this blog, ’cause when I put it in my portfolio, the employers were convinced that I can really do what I claim that I could do. I also attended a birthday celebration where I met a cool bunch of people.

November. This month I think is all about business. I just started an online writing job with other two friends. Since we already have customers who ask us to write book reviews and reports, might as well get serious with it and turn it into a business. And I’ve already got my paycheck for the manuscript I submitted in June.

December. Wow… what can I say? I attended the Christmas party of the  Myasthenia Gravis Support Group Philippines and met a bunch of new friends who are in the same condition as I am. I was able to spend the holidays quite well, despite of being so weak a week before Christmas. I wasn’t able to complete the 9-day simbang gabi, but the Christmas dinner was really superb. And to top it all off, a package arrived for me on Christmas eve, containing the complimentary copies of my much-awaited book, Destiny Cheated Me.



Hmmm… 2014 isn’t that bad. In fact it was a year full of blessings and life surprises. Though most items in my bucket list were not fulfilled, there’s a lot more things that have happened better than the ones I’ve planned. Now, as 2015 comes, I am praying for a more fruitful year ahead. Time to make media noche dinner! And of course, my 2015 bucket list.


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