Finally, A Dream Come True

It’s Christmas eve, and while most of the blogs today might probably be talking about menus for Christmas dinner or maybe how to gift-wrap properly, I’ll be talking about the perfect gift I’ve received this Christmas. Last night I was so agitated upon knowing that my publisher already announced the coming out of my book in the market very soon. A lot of people liked, commented, and marveled upon the superb book cover that is courtesy of my brother, a superb artist. That alone was indeed a very great deal, knowing that my book, will be finally read by many, after having to collect dust in my hard drive for a long time.

I was never a confident fiction story writer. I mean, sure, my friends can read my works, but I never had the courage to have them submitted and evaluated by strangers (except for my journalism teacher in high school). But then maybe the time just came when it finally dawned on me that I would never achieve my dreams if I am always scared. It’s not that I had to spend sleepless nights working on it. The finished manuscript found its way to the email inbox of a publisher (Lifebooks PH), who then, thankfully approved my work. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Today, on Christmas eve, while everyone is busy preparing for Christmas dinner, a package came in for me. Apparently, my manuscript found its way back to me, in hard print, with cover illustrations and all. It is now a book.


I felt so fulfilled, happy and overwhelmed. Finally, after all the anticipation of being a frustrated writer and the wishful thinking that my work is worth reading by many, it is no longer a dream, but now a tangible fruit of all my creative imagination. I couldn’t be thankful enough to God for the talent He has given me, and the opportunity that He has prepared for me. I know that this is His will for me. And so of course, I didn’t forget to include Him in my acknowledgment.

To that one Man who loved me like no other would do – my Lord and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Everything I do, I do it for you.

Chasing dreams isn’t really bad. When your passion really comes from your heart, and you work for it a little bit, never lose faith. Because you’ll never know what surprise awaits you just when you are about to give up.


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