Underneath My Christmas Tree

I can’t believe it’s already two days to go before Christmas. I remember from one of my recent posts that I have been blaberring about the things that I am excited about during the holidays. Thing is, it really didn’t go well according to plan because I feel so sick at the moment.

I wasn’t even able to attend the rest of simbang gabi, after the first two mornings I’ve been there. It suddenly became so hard for me to get out of bed – my limbs felt so weak. I don’t really understand what to make of it though, after the doses of pyridostigmine that I am taking. After consulting my favorite group in the world, WWMG, I guess I’ve finally found the culprit of my sudden severe weakness.


I love chocolates. I am a chocolate sucker. That is why it’s such disappointing to think that I may have to cut back on chocolates.

I still have to be grateful though, because even though I felt so weak and sick, I still managed to go Christmas shopping and prepare the presents I am about to give away. I was even so surprised that I didn’t feel really feel it was a Christmas rush.


This year, though so far different from last year’s holidays, feels exciting as it is ever be. With the coming of the Savior and the spirit of love and happiness in the air, who would ever dare get lonely? πŸ™‚


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