The Saga Continues: Fire With Fire, Ashes To Ashes

I’ve finally finished the Burn For Burn Trilogy, and now, I have mixed opinion regarding the books.

So, yes, I was entertained by the first book, Burn for Burn. It was so full of teenage drama, demonstrating just how cruel teenagers could be just to get even. The second book, Fire with Fire, however, bored the hell out of me. I just can’t believe that the series started as an almost perfect real life drama and ended with something supernatural. It didn’t see it coming. At least I have my questions in the firt book answered as to why Mary seemed so weird!


Lillia, is my least favorite character, for being the glorified b***h that she was. Though it must have been apparent that she’s unaware of it, but still. Hooking up with her best friend’s man while enjoying the attention of a boy who’s clearly into her? Whoever had the decency won’t have the heart to enjoy all that fuss. Not to mention that her best friend was killed in a car accident. She is this goody good girl, princessy and all, but with the skeleton under the closet. Yikes!

Kat, on the other hand, is this baby-what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of girl. She doesn’t think twice in telling you what a horrible person you are, won’t judge you for whatever you’re up to but will make it clear that she doesn’t approve of it. I think I want to be friends with someone like Kat.

And Mary… what can I possibly say? I can’t blame her for not getting over with Reeve and his bullying. But what she did to herself just made her hatred worse. It was something that she would never be able to take back, mo matter how many lives ruined and how many tears of regret shed in the process.

Though I cannot give an exemplar recommendation to read this series, there are a lot of things I’ve realized upon reading it.

• Karma’s  a bitch.
• No more regrets. It’s no way to live.
• You can’t be sad forever. At one point you have to move on.
• Shit happens.
•You’ll never know unless you try.
• Good things happen to good people every so often.

So, it wasn’t really that bad after all. It still has some values to share.


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